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Our Services

We’re here for you

TrewCare provides care suited to adults of all ages and differing needs, who wish to remain as independent as possible in their own home and in control of their own lives. We will work closely with you, your family and the rest of your healthcare team to ensure you receive the best care possible to meet your unique needs.

People who choose home care include those –

  • Coming home from hospital, following surgery, an accident or period of illness
  • Recuperating after an illness
  • With a disability requiring assistance to live at home, e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Injuries
  • With various medical conditions e.g. Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Problems, Stroke, Chest Conditions
  • Receiving Palliative care
  • With decreased cognitive ability e.g. Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Requiring assistance when a relative or carer is not available, or requires a break
  • Requiring assistance with rehabilitation

Assistance with Personal Care

Providing care of a personal nature can be uncomfortable for family – and for the individual in their care. Personal care services allow family members to step back and let a trained, experienced professional offer the support needed, always with a focus on dignity and respect.

What does in-home personal care include?

Our goal is to provide care that enhances safety while promoting independence. We will never come in and take over, but empower older adults to continue to take care of the tasks and activities they want to do themselves. We also listen to each person’s wishes for how they like things to be done.

Services include any or all of the following:

  • Assistance with showering/bathing
  • Bathroom/incontinence assistance and care
  • Help with combing/brushing hair, shaving, oral care, and other personal hygiene needs
  • Support for safely walking and/or transferring
  • Providing medication reminders or administration
  • Encouragement to participate in physio-approved exercise and stretching
  • Preparing nutritious meals for you and assisting with household cleaning and laundry
  • And more

How can I help a loved one feel comfortable with Personal Care Services?

We understand that it can be hard to accept help with such personal needs. Yet often it’s more comfortable receiving assistance from a professional carer than an adult child or other family member. Our TrewCarers are experts in what they do, and we make it a practice to hire only the care professionals we would choose to care for our own family members, or for ourselves. Each person has also been fully background checked – including an enhanced DBS check – for your peace of mind.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to ease into personal care services by starting with a less intrusive type of care, such as meal prep, soaking feet, and companionship. Once the person gets to know us, it’s often easier to add in personal care assistance.

Minimise challenges and make each day better with our Dementia Care Team

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are life-changing. If someone you love has received a diagnosis of dementia, your family will be better equipped to help make life the best it can be with education and a strong network of support. At TrewCare, we’re here to help with the resources you need and our highly specialised in-home dementia care services.

How Dementia Care helps

Although each person’s experience with dementia is unique, there are some similarities that can be expected in each stage as the disease progresses. Our dementia caregivers are fully trained and experienced in the unique challenges that may occur in each stage, and in utilizing creative approaches to help individuals and their families better manage them.

We focus on promoting independence, offering support where necessary but never “taking over” tasks for a person with dementia. This approach helps instil a sense of self-confidence, purpose, and meaning.

Additionally, we incorporate ability-appropriate activities that help with cognition, spark memories, and bring the person joy.

Every day is a better day with our companion care with TrewCare

Feelings of solitude and separation are surprisingly common among older adults, stemming from various factors such as chronic health conditions, mobility challenges, the loss of close companions, or having family and friends living at a distance. This can lead to both mental and physical challenges, emphasizing the importance of providing ample opportunities for social interaction. At TrewCare, we provide the perfect solution to boost mental and physical wellbeing: our highly personalised companion care services.

What Are Companion Care Services?

A companion TrewCarer makes each day the very best it can be, through a wide range of activities that are based on each person’s specific interests. This can include:

  • Enjoying a cup of tea and a chat and reminiscing about cherished memories
  • Playing cards and board games for a bit of friendly competition
  • Going out for a stroll for some fresh air and gentle exercise; meeting up with friends or family
  • Exploring arts and crafts for creative expression
  • Incorporating physio-recommended exercises for physical well-being
  • Cultivating hobbies and interests unique to each individual
  • Going out for a stroll for some fresh air and gentle exercise
  • Venturing out into the community for enjoyable outings
  • And more

Our approach begins with a genuine understanding of the person—grasping who they are presently, their past experiences, and the activities that bring them joy. Our compassionate TrewCarers bring a breath of fresh air to make each day more fulfilling, interesting, and enjoyable. We aim to fill each moment with reasons to smile and share laughter.

In-home respite care

Caring for someone you love is highly rewarding, but can also quickly become overwhelming without sufficient support. It’s easy to slip into the habit of neglecting your own needs as you focus on someone else’s. But to truly provide the highest level of care, and to prevent caregiver burnout, depression, and other serious health concerns, it’s important to let others help.

How Can Respite Care Services Help?

Respite care services allow family caregivers to step away to:

  • Enjoy relaxing activities
  • Focus on healthy life choices such as exercise and eating right
  • Spend time with other family members and friends
  • Take care of shopping, housework, and other errands
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Go on holiday
  • Refresh and rejuvenate both body and mind

At the same time, older adults benefit from respite care for Carers by enjoying social time with a companion for conversations, engaging activities, outings, etc. Our TrewCarer can also assist with personal care needs, meals, housekeeping, medication administration, and more.

Getting started is easy

It begins with a quick phone call to schedule a complimentary consultation at the individual’s home and check availability. We will get to know you, find out what sparks your interest, and work with you to provide the care you wish to have. You then tell us how much support you’d prefer.

We’ll provide a fully trained TrewCare team who are up to speed with your needs and lifestyle, and you can begin benefiting from your care at home.