Types of Care

TrewCare provides health care assistance suited to people of all ages and differing needs, who wish to remain as independent as possible in their own home, in control of their own lives.

People who choose Homecare include those:-

  • Coming home from hospital, following surgery, accident or period of illness.
  • Recuperating after an illness .
  • With a disability requiring assistance to live at home, e.g. Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Injuries.
  • With various medical conditions e.g. Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, Heart Problems, Stroke, Chest Conditions.
  • With Cancer which may include palliative care.
  • With decreased cognitive ability e.g. Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Requiring assistance when a relative or carer is not available, or requires a break.
  • Requiring assistance with rehabilitation.

TrewCare carers are trained to provide differing levels of health care assistance, to meet individual needs. This may include assistance with:-

  • Getting up / going to bed / use of hoists and transfer aids.
  • Washing.
  • Bathing / showering.
  • Dressing / undressing.
  • Using the toilet or commode.
  • Continence care.
  • Oral hygiene.
  • Care of the skin / pressure areas.
  • Feeding.
  • Medication.
  • Eye and ear drops.
  • Catheter and Colostomy care.
  • Prompt or supervise daily tasks.
  • Supervision of those with lowered cognitive ability e.g. dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Leading social care:-

Carers will help fulfil your social requirements and provide companionship, they may:

Take you aid, shopping, for an outing, for an appointment, to visit friends / relatives, to a cinema, theatre, out for a meal – there are a variety of possibilities you may wish to explore.

Carers will also assist with domestic care, which may include:-

  • Shopping.
  • Cleaning.
  • Meal preparation and cooking.
  • Washing and ironing.
  • Paying bills – all financial transactions are recorded.
  • Dealing with general correspondence.
  • Arranging household maintenance.
  • Pet care.

In fact, we will try and provide for all your care needs, personal or domestic, you only need to ask us.